Don't tell me its the right time
No I don't need a wife
No, not in these unsavory climes
Else she's ready to split the dividends of strife.

Don't warn me of the consequences of my actions
No I don't need advice
Allow me the opportunity to face my demons
Else I remain helpless and unwise.

Don't inform me of perfidy coming my way
No I don't need a heads up
You care so much about not leading me astray?
Do me a favor, shut up!

Don't even try to help me out of life's quicksand
No I don't need a hand
I either sink or rise
Whichever occurs, let it not come as a surprise

Don't console me after a colossal loss
No I don't need sympathy
I don't want to share the remorse
Please, let me be.


I speak 
When all else appear bleak
The pen is my mouthpiece
Its proficiency knows no eclipse

I speak 
A bigger audience is all I seek
I speak words not just for the weak 
But those on the longest winning streaks

I speak 
To satisfy the soul of the fanatic
The audience's approval, my most prized possession
Stress alleviation, my sole intention

I speak
Lines specially for the hopeless romantic
Smeared all over with picture perfect metaphors
Betelling moments to treasure

I speak 
Its what makes me tick
Even my silence speaks volumes 
Far reaching than the most read newspaper columns

Hear me speak
Listen to my musing
Thoughts adorned with rhetorics
Liberation, the ultimate reason.


Take me to that place
where dreams felt so in place,
where joy ran amok.
That place devoid of all earthly havoc.

Take me to that moment
when time felt unspent,
when the senses were heightened.
That moment only you and I have been.

Take me to the place
where in I find solace,
where warmth runs so deep.
That place where love is cheap.

Take me back to the moment
when ideas descended in torrents,
when magic happened without wielding a wand.
That moment when I can do no wrong.

That place brimming with sanctity
where peace resided in perpetuity,
where the grass is green and the sky remained blue.
Take me back to that place, would you?


What if the stars refused to shine?
And my horoscope ceased to align
Would it spell impending doom?
Should I expect an unexpected boom

What if I stared so hard?
But still found it difficult to perceive
What shall obscurity offer?
Wouldn't I be left aggrieved?

What if I lose my lover?
To the unyielding grip of the Grim reaper
What would be my reprieve?
Do I still have a reason to live?

What if my dreams turned into nightmares?
And I become imprisoned by fear
Who would come to my rescue?
When in captivity of resident evil

What if the world becomes inhabitable?
And my leaders are held accountable
Would they crack under seeming surmountable pressure?
Can a future still be assured?

What if my place of worship is reduced to ashes?
Would I dare preach peace?
All I need is one good reason 
To keep me from getting even.


Do You Remember The Time?

Do you remember those days?
Well I do, like it was yesterday
Stress-free loving all year round
We were undoubtedly the talk of the town.

Every moment was like the first time
You blushed while I rhymed
Can you still discern the sound of my voice?
Your silence used to hurt, it was too much noise.

I know you miss the feeling 
Of how we reasoned in unison
A feeling so surreal
Only it was so real.

Cognition of your body's scents
I've perfectly honed
I relish those intense moments
Under the influence of persistent pheromones.

Sparks flew tirelessly
Amidst an aura of profound peace
I remember vividly
You were such a teasing tease.

The feel of your skin
Provoked previously unfounded feelings
Now, that we're just separate entities
Can you recall those wonderful memories?

The tension in you I doused
And the desires in me you aroused
How could I forget
Not once did I ever regret.


A Craving.

Cast me not away
Double check that I do not stray
Afford me a place
In the confines of your personal space.

Allow me stay
As I would anyway
Welcome me with a warm embrace
Infect me with incurable grace.

My soul craves your presence
A craving so intense
Call it addiction
Inexplicable, the passion.

You, the ultimate symbol of reverence
Affection toward you is so immense
My heart's filled with appreciation 
For favours too numerous to mention.

Drown me in your ocean of warmth
Wish I could quantify your worth
I'm reading your lips tonight
Every detail I promise to memorize.

Perception of your very essence
Earns me a well deserved repose
Two individuals in a 'constructive interference'
Love is the ultimate purpose.


My heart bleeds
Injured by my deeds
My heart aches
Its survival seemingly at stake

My heart bleeds
Trampled upon by unfortunate people-stampedes
The pain recedes
Only when momentary love intercedes

My heart bleeds
It incessantly pleads
To be put out of its misery
To once again beat free

My heart bleeds
Muscle slowly becoming rigid
Losing its fluidity
Slowly embracing flaccidity

My heart bleeds
It can no longer sow love's seeds
Disturbed by surrounding weeds
Draining it of its utmost needs

My heart bleeds
What do I say to the kids?
Before its condition become so vivid
And I start to appear pathetically pallid

My heart bleeds
A heart that now misleads
Independent of its former beliefs
Searching for a now expensive relief

My heart bleeds 
Helpless against inevitable vicissitudes
Hapless, but hoping to succed
Regardless of its ineptitude

My heart bleeds
Damage done by my lover's indifference
Damages rendering stitches impotent
Drop by drop, my heart bleeds.




She was to be my queen.
Together we'd conquer the seven seas
The lewd thoughts were oh so damning
They were but fantasies.

She was a class apart.
Intentionally breaking hearts
A damsel with a waistline so detailed
Leaving men spellbound in her wake.

I was still upcoming.
But oh, my fantasy woman!
She was up there
Taking flights, having affairs.

She was so ahead of her peers
Living large, she could care less
I was bedazzled by her glorious curves
A feeling I confused for love.

Relentlessly I aimed,
For the money and maybe the fame
But ultimately for the one in my fantasies
I felt she evoked profound peace.

And now she's here
Close enough to declare a 'dream come true'
But I'd rather go out there
In search of another truth.

The bane of chastity
She was the source of my moral infirmity
With no place in my reality
She epitomized true Fantasy.